What are the Terms & Conditions of Mailing List Purchases?

The T&Cs that you agree to each time you purchase a Mailing List from Wise Pelican are:

I understand that I am purchasing a mailing list. This list does not include any actual postcards, mailings, or other services. Mailing list purchases are non refundable.
This list will be automatically loaded into my Wise Pelican account so that I may use it to place mailing orders. I also understand that I will be provided with the owners' mailing information as well as the property information.
By default, Wise Pelican will mail the owner of the property, not the property address, as it's usually in the best interest of Wise Pelican's clients to mail the owners. I also understand that multiple addresses may be owned by the same individual and as such, I may receive multiple records with the same owner information. Mailing lists data is sourced from third parties. I understand that all mailing list purchases are final.