Postcard Marketing ROI for Real Estate Agent

How to measure and plan for 300%+ return-on-invtestment with Postcard Marketing in Real Estate.


We hear a lot from real estate agents that they're anxious about spending money on postcard marketing because they don't know for sure that it'll work - or maybe they even tried in the past and didn't generate any business.

Measuring return-on-investment for postcard marketing isn't complicated, and data collected across thousands of users show that postcard marketing for real estate does absolutely work. But like any marketing efforts or strategy, postcard marketing is a game of consistency and any expected ROI should be considered on an annual scale - not a single campaign or single month at a time.

In this short webinar, CEO Geoff Lilienfeld shows you how to use our ROI Calculator to understand not just how much of an ROI you should expect - but also how long you should that ROI might take.