How to Map a Mailing List

How to Map a Mailing List How to map a mailing list Geoff Lilienfeld

Mapping a mailing list is nothing more than telling WISE PELICAN how the columns in your list correspond to addresses and other variable data. For most users, mapping just the address is enough.

Simply select the field from the dropdown that corresponds with the column you uploaded in your .csv file.

If you have the entire name in one column, simply map that column to the "First Name (or Full Name) field.

If you have the first names and last names in different columns, simply map them to their respective fields. 

Once you've mapped at least the First Name, Address, City, State, and Zip Code fields, you can press the "Ignore Unmapped Fields" button if you have columns that you uploaded that you won't need in your list.

Once the Save button is active, you know you've mapped all of the required fields and can save the list to be used for mailing.

You can also refer to this video to help you with mapping and purchasing mailing lists.

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