How to Create a New Mailing from the Order Screen

How to Create a New Mailing from the Order Screen How to order postcards Geoff Lilienfeld

Once you've uploaded a mailing list you're ready to mail!

  1. Name your order - this can be any name of your choosing

  2. Select a design template - if you came from the "Templates" page this has already been selected, otherwise, select the name of the template you'll be using

  3. Select a customer - if you're mailing on behalf of someone else select who you are mailing for. If you're mailing for yourself, select yourself. Depending on how your account is setup this may differ, but generally the "Customer" is the entity that will receive the invoice.

  4. Select Mailing List - you'll need to select the mailing list you've previously uploaded to mail to.

Once you've select a template you'll be able to edit any part of the template but please keep in mind we need you to keep the area with the address and postage indicia the way it is. 

Once you've finished editing the template you'll be able to save your edits as a new template. 

At any point in time, you can save your order as a draft by clicking "SAVE DRAFT ORDER" and then returning to it from the Drafts screen under the Mailings menu.

Once everything is in place and you're ready to submit the order, simply click on Submit Order.

You can also reference this video for a complete walkthrough on creating your first order.

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