How do I purchase a mailing list?

How do I purchase a mailing list? Geoff Lilienfeld

The first step is to locate the "Mailing Lists" section and select "Purchase Lists".
From here you will have three options to build a list. 

  1. Radius targeting using a central address. You can pick the size of the radius and it will pull any eligible property within that radius.

  2. Subdivision targeting, where you pull all of the addresses from a specific subdivision.

  3. Polygon targeting, draw a polygon around a specific area of your choosing. Make sure to close the shape and it will generate every eligible address in that area.

Once your list has been built you can either choose to pay with credit/debit card which will make the list available to you immediately under the "Manage Lists" section under "Mailing Lists". If you choose to pay by invoice the list will be available to you upon payment.

For a full walkthrough on using the list purchasing tools you can refer to the video below.

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